3 Situations That Call For Pet Boarding


When it's time for you to take a journey, it's time to think about the best care options for your pet. For brief trips, it might be perfectly all right to entrust your furry family member to a reliable next-door neighbor or good friend. If you can book a room at a pet-friendly accommodation, you might even take a chance on packing your pet into the car with you. But there are times when you really need to schedule a stay for your pet at your local boarding facility. Here are three scenarios in which you'll be glad you had the help of these pet care experts.

1. Your Pet Is Old or Sick

Healthy indoor pets can often get by with surprisingly little human supervision apart from food, water, litter box changes and a little playtime. But when a pet has special veterinary needs, the rules change drastically. For instance, if your pet requires regular, carefully-timed doses of medication, then even a slight miscalculation or delay by your well-meaning but untrained neighbor could prove tragic. Senior pets may also have a heightened risk for sudden, catastrophic medical events that call for immediate veterinary attention.

If your pet has special needs, he's much better off with the round-the-clock care and attention available at a pet boarding facility, especially if that facility is associated with a veterinary clinic. The staff at a well-equipped facility will administer any medicines or procedures your pet may need with a high level of skill, training and diligence. If a crisis occurs, the trained professionals are right there to administer life-saving aid. Some facilities even offer non-urgent care options such as pet grooming services. 

2. Separation Anxiety Is an Issue

Many pets (notably cats) seem largely indifferent to human attention, especially if they have other animals to play with during the day while the humans are gone. But some experience high levels of separation anxiety, especially if they're not used by being by themselves most of the time. This condition may cause your pet to engage in:

  • Constant howling, barking, and other loud expressions of distress
  • Inappropriate elimination inside the house
  • Destruction of flooring, carpets, or household items through chewing and clawing
  • Running around in circles, or pacing up and down obsessively

By the time your friend of neighbor stops by to refill the food bowl, your pet may be so wound up that he bolts, escaping through the front door. At this point he's vulnerable to traffic accidents, fights with other animals, and sorts of other dangers.

When your pet stays in a boarding facility, he is surrounded by other furry residents while also receiving regular care and affection from the boarding staff. Just being around other living creatures can help pets recognize that they're not all alone in the world, and the reassurance of a friendly human can help them relax. Additionally, since pet boarding facilities take pains to maintain proper security, your pet won't have a chance to run away. After a couple of repeat visits, he may even regard the boarding center as his second home.

3. You Plan to Fly

Air travel with pets is highly discouraged, mainly because of the health risks your animal faces in the cargo hold. The extreme temperatures and lack of fresh air can sicken or kill animals, especially brachycephalic (flat-nosed) pets. Rough takeoffs and landings can also prove hazardous to their health. If a pet escapes during boarding before the airline personnel can react, he may be gone for good. Even when taking your pet on the plane doesn't pose a serious threat to his health and safety, it's still a hassle because you have to follow all the restrictions on carrier size and storage, vaccination updates and other pet health requirements. You will need to make an appointment with an animal hospital like The Pets Place Animal Hospital if you go with this option.

If you absolutely must fly to your destination, it's better for both you and your pet to keep your beloved companion at a pet boarding facility. Your boarding process and flight will go much more smoothly, and you'll know that your pet is happy and healthy among trained caretakers instead of facing possible trauma and danger.

If you need pet boarding services, it's always a smart idea to call ahead and make those reservations as far in advance as possible, especially during the bustling holiday season. You'll be glad you did -- and your pet will be happy, too!


1 December 2015

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