Own A Dog? Why You Should Be Using A Dog Sitting Mobile App

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If you own a dog, you want to take care of it the best you can. One thing you can do is use a dog sitting mobile app on your smartphone, tablet, etc. This offers you and your dog many benefits, three of which are listed below. 

Talk With Dog Sitter

You likely want to check in with the dog sitter to see how your dog is doing. This will help you feel much less stress knowing they are happy and doing great. One way you can get in contact with the dog sitter is through a dog sitting mobile app. When you contact the sitter, they are notified immediately, much like a text message, and can then respond back to you quickly. Your dog sitter will have to also install the app on their smartphone, however.  

The dog sitter can also keep you updated throughout the day. For example, they can let you know when your dog eats, how they slept, etc. If your dog takes medications, the pet sitter can alert you that they have given them the medication. 

Know Where They Walk

Many apps also allow you to know where the dog sitter walks your dog. This will show you how long they walk, the path they take, etc. This will allow you to know if they walk your dog at all and/or if they walk them long enough each day. This is also helpful for the dog sitter if they get lost as they could simply look at the map and find their way back to your home. 

You do need to make sure your dog sitter has their smartphone with them at all times and that the app is activated. If you feel your dog sitter is not waking your dog enough, you can let them know this. This way they will make changes for future dog walks.

Find a Dog Sitter

If you have never used a dog sitter before, most apps will allow you to use the app to find a dog sitter in your area. You may only want someone to walk your dog each day. If so, you can use the app to find this as well. Once you find a dog sitter you can ask them to come to your home. You can then watch the dog sitter with your dog to see how they interact with each other. 

You can also find companies that provide dog sitters and dog walkers for you. These companies ensure the people they hire are experienced and will treat your dog well while sitting for them or walking them.

When looking for a dog sitting mobile app look at the features it offers to ensure the app is right for you. 


30 March 2023

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