5 Fun Ways to Involve Your Dog in the Holiday Spirit


The holidays are a fun time, and there is so much to do. However, if you have a dog, they may not get to have as much fun as you. In fact, they may get neglected as you enjoy your own holiday parties and meals. Check out these five fun ways, you can involve your dog in holiday cheer.

Get Some Holiday Clothes & Accessories

It's always fun to dress your cute doggy up in clothes and accessories, and if you love the holiday season, it's time to start dressing up your furry friend with holiday clothes and accessories. You could do something basic, such as buy antlers for dogs, or choosing green and red or blue and white clothing. Of course, the fun doesn't end there, you may find a Santa or elf costume that will make your pet look adorable. Holiday accessories could include reindeer antlers, Santa/elf hat, a jingly collar, etc.

Cook Holiday Cookies or Meal for Your Pup

One great way to celebrate the holidays is with delicious homemade cookies and meals. However, the food you're dining on isn't always the best option for your pet. Foods like candy, grapes, macadamia nuts, onions, garlic, salt, and raisins can be dangerous for your pet. You may think a little bite of chicken won't hurt, but did you season it with onion powder? A fun way to get your pet involved is to craft homemade cookies and meals for your dog. There are many dog-safe cookie recipes available, and you can still make your dog a homemade meal instead of the regular kibble. Just make sure you leave out anything hazardous.  

Let Your Pup Be in the Holiday Family Photo

With your dog all dressed up for the holiday season, why not let your pup be in the annual holiday family photo. Your pet is part of your family, so don't leave them out. Some pet stores even offer photos of your pet meeting Santa, which could be a cute little pic for all your dog-loving friends. If you send out an annual newsletter or update on your family, don't forget to include a little blurb about your dog, such as any new tricks, friends or trouble your pet has gotten into.

Have a Puppy Holiday Party

Another holiday pastime is having a holiday party. However, your regular party may not be fun for your dog, especially if you invite people who don't love dogs. Consider throwing another party for your dog. You can invite friends/family and their dogs. While you enjoy mingling and snacking, the dogs can play games, learn new tricks, get treats and find gifts. It's also a great way to get your dog some much-needed interaction with other dogs in a safe and fun way.

Don't Neglect the Walks

If you live in an area that gets cold during the winter, you may not be thrilled about going for walks, but your dog still needs the routine exercise of walks. Plus, dogs have an instinct to walk, and your daily walk helps meet this instinct. It is also believed that dogs who get regular walks are better behaved, cause less destruction and suffer less from separation anxiety. Instead of thinking of it as a walk, think about it as a chance to get out and look at holiday decorations. By making it a little more fun, you may be more inclined to go. Remember, during walks, your dog should walk next to you or behind you, and the walk should last about 20 minutes.

If you adore your dog, let them partake in holiday fun. Get started by thinking up what holiday outfit your pup would look cute wearing. 


28 July 2016

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