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If you're considering starting your own pet care business but don't know how busy you will be, there are plenty of services that you can offer your community. If you have some references and experience working with animals, you may be on your way to a successful home business. 

While many people just associate dog-walking with a pet care business, there are several other services that you can offer for all types of pets, not just dogs. To grow your business faster, consider caring for cats, rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, and even fish.

There is a variety of reasons that people may call on your business, and the more experience you get, the better. Members of your community may request your help when they are out of town or in the hospital, among other situations.

Following is a list of services that your new pet care business can offer: 

1. Dog Walking

No matter what other types of services you offer pet owners, dog walking will most likely be your most-requested one. Dog owners may ask you to walk their dogs on a daily basis while they are at work, or sporadically when they are away on a business trip or a vacation. 

Before taking on too many clients, consider how many dogs you can comfortably walk at once, and if you have a park or walking trail nearby. Many pet care business offer dog-walking services in increments of 30, 45 and 60 minutes, so set up your fee schedule accordingly. 

In addition to dog walking, some pet owners may also ask you to take their furry friend to a dog park. Doing so will allow the dog time to socialize and engage in active play if you feel comfortable handing the animals off-leash. 

2. House Calls

Another service you may be asked to do often is make house calls. As a pet sitter, you may clean cats' litter boxes, take dogs out in their yards, administer medications to sick pets, change water and food bowls, or groom animals.

You may also be hired just to provide regular companionship when a pet's owner is out of town. Consider including other basic services, such as plant-watering and mail retrieval, as well. 

3. Overnight Pet-Sitting 

Decide whether you want to take pets into your own home or not when making your service list. Some pet owners may prefer that you take their companions overnight while they are gone so that they can mix and mingle with other animals. 

As an alternative, you can also offer to stay overnight in their home instead so that the pet doesn't have to leave their familiar territory. 

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20 March 2017

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