3 Tips For Ensuring That Your Dog's Cropped Ears Heal Safely

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If you plan on having your dog's ears cropped, you need to be prepared for their aftercare. Here are three tips you should follow to ensure that your dog heals properly following their procedure.

#1 Keep Your Dog's Ear Clean

The most important thing you can do is keep your dog's ears cleaned. Their ears need to stay super clean until they are able to completely heal. If you do not keep their ears clean, their ears will not heal properly and you could face additional vet bills.

You are going to want to use peroxide to clean your dog's ears multiple times throughout the day. You'll want to clean your dog's ears in the morning, afternoon and evening. If your dog goes outside, you'll want to clean them any time they leave or enter the house.

After you clean your dog's ears off with hydrogen peroxide, you'll want to apply Neosporin to help with the healing process. You need to make sure that you can be home to clean and attend to your dog's ears. If you are not able to keep your dog's ears clean, you should wait until you have the time to do so.

#2 Protect Your Dog's Ears

The second thing you need to do is protect your dog's ears. Your vet is most likely going to provide you with a cone for your dog to wear. The cone is there to prevent your dog from rubbing against anything and ripping the stitches out of their ears. It is vitally important that your dog's stitches stay in until it is time to take them out. This is an important step in the healing process.

Your dog may not like the cone and may try to wiggle it off. It is your job to constantly supervise your dog and keep the cone on them. You can take the cone off, but only if you are willing to closely water your dog and ensure that they don't make any actions that will endanger their stitches.

#3 Stop Scabs In Their Tracks

Finally, you don't want your dog's ears to scab up. With cropping, you don't want scabs to develop because then your dog's ears may not stand up as you intended them to.

If you see any scabs on your dog's ears, you are going to want to soak your dog's ears in some warm water for about five minutes. This will help soften up the scab. Then, you are going to want to pick the scab off. Once you pick the scab off, you'll want to clean that area of your dog's ears.

Getting your dog's ears cropped requires you to be dedicated to paying a lot of care and attention to your dog after the procedure. Make sure that you have time to not only take your dog in for the procedure but to assist with the healing and care process after the procedure. To learn more, contact a company like Family Puppies


21 March 2017

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