Three Things To Brief Dog Buyers On When Selling Show Puppy Stock

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If you have retired show dogs or animals who currently show and are breeding, you may garner a lot of interested buyers.  Many people who are looking for the perfect breed standard dog will desire the litter of show dogs. Show dogs, by definition, are required to meet the breed standard requirement in order to show. If you are breeding a litter that comes from a mother and father show dog, here is some information that you should give interested buyers. 

Genetics helps but does not guarantee

Some people will purchase the children of show dogs in order to get a dog that they can show as well. Although having parents that were show standard dogs does help with the possibility of getting a breed standard show dog, it does not guarantee the possibility. Be sure to let all buyers know that their purchase of a dog does not guarantee that the dog will be a show dog, or that it will be receptive to showing. 

Pass out training facts

Before the puppies are born and sent off to their new homes, you should print off some information on training a dog to show. The ordinary dog training will not work for those dogs who will need to learn to sit, stand, and walk in certain ways. Many buyers may not understand how much work and training must go into a show dog. Create a brochure that provides some information on how long it took you to get your dogs to behave like a show dog. It will also be helpful to point them towards some trainers, dog groomers, and dog product sellers that will be helpful on their journey. This will give buyers a glimpse of what it will take to show their own puppy in a few short years. 

Explain how show dogs will differ from pets

For many people, how their show dogs are will differ from how ordinary house pets are treated. This is necessary for the dog to be able to understand how they should behave and that they should respond to commands. Show bred German shepherds and other large dog breeds are a large breed that will take a lot of work, versus your standard German shepherd that may like to run around the yard with the kids. Some buyers may decide that they prefer to have a regular family pet than a show dog after understanding how the discipline and standards differ. 


26 April 2017

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