3 Reasons Not To Take Your Dog On A Road Trip

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Are you planning a vacation for this summer? Have you been considering bringing your dog along with you on the trip? While a road trip can be great fun for you and your family, the same is not always true of your canine companion. Even though your dog might enjoy car rides around town, going on a vacation with him or her is often a completely different thing. Fortunately, there are boarding facilities that allow your dog to stay there instead of having your furry friend come with you. Some reasons why you should consider taking this route include:

Safety: When going on a long road trip, it's inevitable that you're going to have to stop along the way at one or more rest stops. Your dog will obviously also need to get out for some exercise and to relieve him or herself. But with such an unfamiliar location, your dog is going to be more likely to get excited by a new smell when you open the door. Before you can even fasten a leash on, he or she may bolt out after an exciting squirrel or in search of some other scent. Once freed, it may be difficult or impossible to catch him or her. Instead of having to worry about this scenario, you can employ a dog boarding facility that will keep your dog secure and happy while you are on your trip.

Uncertainty: Traveling with a dog often involves a lot of complications. Many hotels won't take dogs, so if you have to pull over early to get some rest, it can be impossible to find accommodations that will accept you. Even if you find a hotel or motel that accepts pets, they may not accept pets that are larger than a few pounds. A chihuahua or dachshund may be acceptable, but a corgi or golden retriever may not. Fortunately, dog boarding facilities are often prepared to accept most sizes and breeds, allowing you better peace of mind about your whole trip.

Budgeting: Most hotels that do accept dogs also charge a per-night pet fee. If your pet is nervous about the new surroundings and soils the carpet, the hotel may charge a hefty cleaning fee in addition to to the per-night pet fee. Instead of having to wonder about all of these possible fees, you can use a dog boarding facility so that you know all of the associated costs ahead of time.

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22 March 2018

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