Six Mistakes To Avoid When It Comes To Grooming Your New Goldendoodle

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While goldendoodles have beautiful fur coats, it doesn't take long for goldendoodle owners to realize how much work goes into maintaining their pet's copious fur. 

Fortunately, you can keep your goldendoodle healthy and beautiful by making sure that you avoid the following six mistakes in their grooming regime:

Trying to give a new puppy a bath too soon

Giving a new puppy a bath right away can be overwhelming. Puppies might sometimes feel fear and anxiety when they're getting used to a new home.

It's a good idea to wait until your goldendoodle puppy is clearly comfortable and used to his or her new home before you introduce them to the new experience of having a bath. 

Not brushing your goldendoodle often enough

Goldendoodles are bred from golden retrievers and poodles. Both of these dog breeds have long, full fur. This means that their fur will be prone to matting if it is not brushed often enough.

It's good to brush a goldendoodle's fur several times per week to deal with any matting that develops. If you have a new puppy, try to get him or her accustomed to being brushed early on, to avoid confusing an older dog with a new process.

Giving your goldendoodle a bath when his or her fur is tangled

You need to get tangles and mats out of your goldendoodle's coat before getting your dog wet for a bath. If you can't get tangles or mats out, you might want to consider snipping them away with scissors or a shaver before a bath.

If you bathe a goldendoodle with tangled fur, the bath is probably just going to worsen the problem, and it will be a nightmare brushing their fur afterwards.

Not clipping problem areas close enough

The belly and behind need to be trimmed close on a goldendoodle for the sake of cleanliness. The fur around a goldendoodle's anus can easily become dirtied by droppings if it is allowed to grow out. This is not only dirty and unsightly, but it can also create a risk of infection. 

Another area that's prone to infection on goldendoodles is the ears. The area in and around the ear canals needs to be shaved carefully so that bacteria doesn't get trapped in the ear, causing painful infections.

Allowing your goldendoodle to get too cold while drying

Because the fur on a goldendoodle is so thick, it can take a long time to dry. You need to keep your goldendoodle warm until he or she is dry, in order to prevent chills. Often, the best way to dry your dog off quickly is with a blow dryer. 

Failing to get all the shampoo out during baths

If you don't get all the shampoo out of your goldendoodle's fur, skin irritation can develop that could make your dog very uncomfortable. Take your time to make sure that you've carefully rinsed out all of the shampoo before bath time is over.


3 December 2018

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