Cat Boarding Tips To Consider When You Are Planning Your Next Vacation

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As a cat owner, there will likely be times when you have to travel away from home and you cannot take your pet with you. Cats may not make as good of travel companions as dogs, so it is best to leave them with someone who can watch over them for the time they are gone. Here are some tips to consider when you are planning to go on vacation separate from your cat and need to use a cat boarding service.

Tour a Pet Boarding Facility

Plan ahead to hire and leave your cat with a trusted and professional pet boarding facility. Visit the facility prior to hiring them, and tour the premises to see where your cat will stay and what the conditions are like. For example, the smell of cats will be unavoidable at a cat boarding facility, but the smell should not be overwhelming or strong when you enter. If it is overly-smelly, you might consider finding another boarding facility.

Make sure your cat will have its own space to stay and not share space with any other cats. Space-sharing is not recommended, even if your cat has been known to be friendly to other cats. 

Find out what types of play time the cat boarding offers during your cat's stay. This can include personal one-on-one time with a staff member for play, brushing, and other physical touches to help your cat's mood.

Pack Your Cat's Personal Items

A good cat boarding facility will provide the basic items for your cat to stay day and night. This includes a bed, a food dish and water, litter, and a litter box. These items should not be something you have to provide, and if you do, you may check into finding another location to board your pet. The staff should handle the litter box and water to make sure they are changed out daily and clean up any accidents.

Do plan to take your cat's food, as they will be used to their usual flavor and brand, and a favorite toy or blanket that will provide them some comfort in their new surroundings. Also, take any medications they will need and instructions of the dosage frequency so a member of the boarding staff can administer the medications.

Know What to Expect

Your cat will likely be stressed out when they first arrive at the cat boarding facility, and they may be hissing or growling. You should understand this is normal behavior and they will calm down within a day or two. 

Make sure you see the space your cat will be staying in before you leave them. This will also give you peace of mind to know you are leaving them in safe and good hands while you are away and help you relax and enjoy your vacation and much-needed time away from the stress of your life.


23 April 2019

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