What Does It Mean If Your Cat Is Crying Or Meowing In The Litter Box?

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Under normal circumstances, most cats are practically stealthy about using the litter box. It's a survival mechanism. By making too much noise and bringing attention to themselves in the wild while in the vulnerable position of trying to 'go,' cats would be in danger, so they try to normally try to do their business quietly. This is why it may come as a surprise when you hear a cat making audible cries in the litter box. If you've noticed your cat is doing this, you must read this guide to learn what's going on. Your cat's life could depend upon it.

Bad Sign

The first thing you should know is that this is almost always a very bad sign. When a cat cries in the litter box, it usually means that they're experiencing some sort of pain. You may be able to see them physically tensing up and straining while in the box, which is not only a sign of discomfort but may also indicate that they're having difficulty doing their business. Whether it's trying to urinate or defecate, in either situation, this is a bad thing and one that requires medical help.

Immediate Emergency

This is an immediate medical emergency for two reasons, depending on which problem your cat is having.

If your cat can't poop, it can quickly become a big problem. Cats who are unable to defecate will usually stop eating, as their bowels are unable to empty and they feel bloated and full. Starvation will set in, and not only will your cat lose weight, but they may also develop a fatty liver disease as their body tries to break down fat stores to survive. Without quick treatment, this can become deadly.

However, urinating difficulties and pain are an even bigger problem. When the bladder is full and can't empty, the kidneys stop performing their duties of filtering toxins out of the blood. There's nowhere for it to go, as the bladder is already full. This can quickly lead to a cat's blood becoming toxic, and without medical intervention, a cat can die in as little as a day from this condition.

What to Do

If you even suspect that your cat is having difficulty with either of these problems, the best thing you can do is to get to an animal hospital immediately. Animal hospitals are not only equipped with the necessary technology to assist your cat, but they can also typically see you on a drop-in basis when it's an emergency. This will ensure that you don't have to wait and that your cat will have a higher chance of survival.

If you think your cat is having problems in the litter box, don't hesitate. Get to an animal hospital right away.


25 November 2020

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