Getting A New Puppy? Follow These 4 Tips

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Have you decided to adopt a puppy and are not quite sure what you are getting into? Here are some tips for what to do during those first few days after you get your new puppy home.

Take Your Puppy Home In A Carrier

One of the first steps starts with when you take them home. You'll want to keep your puppy in their carrier for the car ride. As tempting as it may be to hold your puppy in your arms, you want to keep your puppy safe. In addition, keeping them in the carrier will start the crate training process with them.

Set Up An Indoor And Outdoor Puppy Pen

You'll want an area that is contained for your puppy to play in your home. It's a good idea to set up a playpen so that they are not freely roaming your home and have all of their toys within the playpen. You should have this area set up before you even bring your puppy home as well. You'll also want to put something underneath the puppy pen so that when the puppy has an accident, it doesn't ruin your floors. 

You should also set up a fenced-off area outside for training your puppy on how to use the bathroom. This will prevent them from having full access to your yard and keep them nearby. 

Take Your Puppy To Their Pee Spot Immediately

Your puppy will likely have to use the bathroom soon after getting them home. You should take them to their outdoor pee spot within their puppy pen so that they can learn where to go. Letting them have their first experience using the bathroom at your home in this spot is key to start training them to always go there. 

Set Up Their Crate In A Quiet Place

You'll want to put the puppy's crate in a quiet place in your home where they will not be disturbed. It's also a good idea to put an oversized board on top of the crate so that you can drape a blanket over it and keep the space dark. The purpose of using a board is so that the blanket can hang off the sides of the crate, but not be in reach where the puppy can take off the blanket with their paws. 

In addition, you should keep your puppy confined to this room at first. You'll eventually give them access to more rooms of the house as they are trusted, and they won't feel overwhelmed with all the spaces to go. 

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21 March 2022

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