Get Your Dog To Exercise By Picking The Right Boarding Facility

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Boarding your dog is smart because it will give your dog a safe place to stay while you are away. However, you may know that a boarding facility will provide a different experience than what they are used to at home. 

An excellent example is getting plenty of exercise through play dates, walks, and dog parks. Being strategic with your boarding facility selection can help get your dog to exercise.

Play Areas

While analyzing facilities, you want to prioritize areas with large play areas for your dog to run around in. An ideal situation is getting both indoor and outdoor spaces. Some facilities rotate dogs inside and outside throughout the day to give them a balance of environments. Other places allow dogs to go inside or outside on their own, and both can work well.

An outdoor play area is perfect in comfortable temperatures and mild weather conditions. However, you will appreciate an indoor play area that allows your dog to exercise even when extreme temperatures or weather conditions are happening outside.


Checking out facility features will make it easy to narrow down your options. For instance, you may love places that go above and beyond to provide dogs with exercise and stimulation. A shallow pool is a perfect feature to prioritize, especially when you know your dog loves to swim.

A playground, obstacle courses, tunnels, and weave poles are other features you can find in boarding facilities. Dropping your dog off at a place with an impressive variety of features will almost ensure that your dog can find something they like playing with to get exercise.


As a dog owner, you may know your dog better than anyone else, which includes knowing about their favorite toys. You can bring these toys to the boarding facility in hopes that they will encourage your dog to play around with them on occasion. These toys providing supplemental exercise are all you need because your dog will get exercise in other ways as well.


When you are concerned that your dog might not get much exercise during their stay, you can pick a boarding facility that offers additional services. Individual playtime and outdoor walks are two services you can get to guarantee some extra exercise for your dog.

Feel confident about your dog exercising when you analyze pet boarding facilities and pick one with some or all these features and qualities.


5 August 2022

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