What Does It Mean If Your Cat Is Crying Or Meowing In The Litter Box?

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Under normal circumstances, most cats are practically stealthy about using the litter box. It's a survival mechanism. By making too much noise and bringing attention to themselves in the wild while in the vulnerable position of trying to 'go,' cats would be in danger, so they try to normally try to do their business quietly. This is why it may come as a surprise when you hear a cat making audible cries in the litter box.

25 November 2020

How To Find An Internship

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If you are a high school senior or college student who is looking for an internship, you may sometimes feel overwhelmed about where to start. There are so many avenues that you could go down, some of which could affect the trajectory of your education or future career. Instead of being paralyzed by indecision, take a minute to look at your personal interests, and then study what internship could fit into those interests.

28 May 2020

Cat Boarding Tips To Consider When You Are Planning Your Next Vacation

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As a cat owner, there will likely be times when you have to travel away from home and you cannot take your pet with you. Cats may not make as good of travel companions as dogs, so it is best to leave them with someone who can watch over them for the time they are gone. Here are some tips to consider when you are planning to go on vacation separate from your cat and need to use a cat boarding service.

23 April 2019

Six Mistakes To Avoid When It Comes To Grooming Your New Goldendoodle

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While goldendoodles have beautiful fur coats, it doesn't take long for goldendoodle owners to realize how much work goes into maintaining their pet's copious fur.  Fortunately, you can keep your goldendoodle healthy and beautiful by making sure that you avoid the following six mistakes in their grooming regime: Trying to give a new puppy a bath too soon Giving a new puppy a bath right away can be overwhelming. Puppies might sometimes feel fear and anxiety when they're getting used to a new home.

3 December 2018

Three Reasons To Choose A Straight-Load Horse Trailer

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Years ago, almost all horse trailers were straight-load styles in which the horses rode with their heads facing forward and their tails facing back. As trucks became stronger and people wanted to haul more horses at once, slant-load styles, often holding four or six horses at a time and placing those horses at an angle inside the trailer, became more popular. If you only need to haul two horses, however, you are best off sticking with a two-horse straight load rather than a slant-load style trailer.

23 July 2018

3 Reasons Not To Take Your Dog On A Road Trip

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Are you planning a vacation for this summer? Have you been considering bringing your dog along with you on the trip? While a road trip can be great fun for you and your family, the same is not always true of your canine companion. Even though your dog might enjoy car rides around town, going on a vacation with him or her is often a completely different thing. Fortunately, there are boarding facilities that allow your dog to stay there instead of having your furry friend come with you.

22 March 2018

Grooming For Dogs

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Introduction  Grooming your dog is an important part of owning and caring for a pet. If you're new to the idea, you may think grooming is not needed, and it's true that some breeds do fine without any significant clean-up work. However, most dogs will benefit from at least some level of grooming, and certain breeds require special attention to hygiene. Your pet will probably not enjoy being groomed, but it will live a longer, healthier life because of it and be happier in the long run.

18 May 2017

Three Things To Brief Dog Buyers On When Selling Show Puppy Stock

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If you have retired show dogs or animals who currently show and are breeding, you may garner a lot of interested buyers.  Many people who are looking for the perfect breed standard dog will desire the litter of show dogs. Show dogs, by definition, are required to meet the breed standard requirement in order to show. If you are breeding a litter that comes from a mother and father show dog, here is some information that you should give interested buyers.

26 April 2017

Pet Turtle Care Basics

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Reptiles are popular pets for a reason. They are generally easy to care for, and unlike cats and dogs, they are hypoallergenic, making them the perfect pet for children who are allergic to more traditional pets. A turtle is low-maintenance and a good choice for kids. They may not be cuddly, but they offer adorable facial expressions and willingly interact with their caretaker. Here is what you need to know to care for your turtle.

19 April 2017

Tips For Becoming A Cat Owner

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If you want a house pet that is not too difficult to care for, you might want to opt for a cat. The great thing about cats is that you won't have to train them to go outside to urinate and have bowel movements. A cat can easily be trained to use a litter box inside of your house, and he or she will also cover the feces up with the litter after each bowel movement.

5 April 2017